Nov 26, 2011

Tattoo Droid

Tattoo fan? Android fan? Making a cool tattoo on your lovely phone? Is that a good idea?
Tattoo Droid is an app for tattoo’s lovers. It shows a tattoo on your screen event when you are using Facebook, Message, Gmail or any other apps. Your selected tattoo is always on top of any apps.
  • Display a tattoo on your Android screen (on both locked screen, home screen, any apps).
  • Adjust tattoo transparency, colors, sizes
  • Load your favorite tattoo from SD Card.
  • Selectively show/hide tattoo on some apps (blacklist, whitelist running modes)
  • Nice tattoo collection at your choice
  • Shake to show a tattoo.
  • Surprise me: get a random tattoo.
  • Compatible with any launcher
Any idea/feedback, please drop a few lines to