Nov 24, 2011

Root Uninstaler Change Logs

V 3.0
  • Support Dropbox backup
V 2.9
  • Improve app list loader
V 2.8
  • Update languages packs, add new Czech, Turkish languages
V 2.6
  • Update languages packs, add new Greek, Hebrew, Slovak, Portuguese languages
V 2.5
  • Browse/edit data file (ex. preferences), app directory using AntTek Explorer
  • Add Market licensing checker
V 2.4
  • Temporary launch a frozen app: app will be re-freeze after closing
  • Improve Install as System App for APK file
  • New UIs
V 2.3
  • Support Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Add Store
V 2.2
  • Add APK’s size
V 2.1
  • Added languages: Chinese, Korean
V 2.0
  • Added languages: Arabic, Hungarian
V 1.9
  • Refresh frozen status (useful when app is frozen/defrost outside this app)
  • Added languages: Italian, Polish
V 1.8
  • Update guide, troubleshooting
  • Fixed minor bugs
V 1.7
  • Added languages: French, German, Spanish
V 1.6
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Added localization (es)
  • Fixed reset button bug and other minor bugs
  • Added auto backup capability (modify this option in the app\’s setting)
Before 20 Sep 2011
  • V1.31#:- Fixed random FC bugs
  • V1.2#:- Fixed unwritable SDCard bug
  • V1.15#:- Support batch mode
  • V1.14#:- Correct uninstall message\nBetter Spanish translate (Thanks LesGaR)
  • V1.1#:- Add trial defrost/restore apps
  • V1.0#:- New UI
  • V0.9#:- Fixed uninstall error on Motorola Milestone
  • V0.92:- Add restore feature (Pro version)\n-More detail guide