Sep 30, 2011

How to remove bloatware on Android

(blōt´wãr) (n.) jargon Software that has lots of features and requires considerable disk space and RAM. As the cost of RAM and disk storage has decreased, there has been a growing trend among software developers to disregard the size of applications. Some people refer to this trend as creeping featuritis. If creeping featuritis is the symptom, bloatware is the disease. (

Android phones always ship with pre-load bloatware applications. Among these applications, some from phone's manufacturer,  others from mobile operator. Some of them always run in background, that consumes alot of phone's resources (RAM/CPU/network). Root Uninstaller is designed to take away these application in seconds. Here is a quick guide:

Sep 21, 2011

How to root your Android phones/tablets

As most of  applications require root permission, I received alot of email asking me how to root their phones. As the divergence of Android devices, I can not experiment the "rooting a phone" process  on all of them (of cause all of my 6 devices are rooted). I would put a link to a (almost) complete reference to "How to root your Android Phone / Device" on AddictiveTips.

Root Uninstaller on media

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On Youtube

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Transfer licence of RU Pro buy from "Android Text"

Both four version are completely compatible each others. If you purchased a Pro version from my older account, please re-purchased new version, then send me () both your order id. I will make a refund for the older purchase. Thanks

SMS Limit Remover

SMS Limit Remover  is reborned. Checkout Android Market.

Update Root Uninstaller v.1.4

I just update the auto-update feature that allows to automatically backup your .apk file when an app is installed or updated.  It resolves the problem when you update a new version, but new version is not working properly. RU helps you to downgrade to older version.  This feature comes out when my apps was suspended. I received many requests to send the RU .apk file. If you use RU, such request never comes.

New Account on Market

Can't wait Google response, I opened a new account and republish my applications. You can find them here:
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