Oct 5, 2011

Remove AT&T Bloatware from your Android phone

There are a slew of apps that come installed on your phone, including AT&T Navigator, AT&T Radio, AT&T Maps, AT&T Music,  and AT&T Mobile Hotspots.  The first thing many of us want to do is remove the stuff we don't want or expect to use.  Your phone should be rooted.  Next, you can use Root Uninstaller to remove . Following is a list of delete-able pre-installed AT&T applications:

  • AT&T Navigator

  • AT&T Radio

  • AT&T Maps

  • AT&T Music

  • AT&T Mobile Hotspots

  • Mobile Banking

  • Mobile Video

  • Where

  • YPmobile

  • AT&T FamilyMap

  • Mini Diary

  • MobiTV

  • Write and Go

These applications are pre-loaded in many devices such as

  • Samsung Vibrant

  • Samsung Galaxy S

  • Samsung Captivate

  • Samsung Infuse

  • HTC Aria

  • HTC Status

  • HTC Inspire

  • Motorola Backflip


  • Dell Aero

  • LG Thrill

  • Pantech Crossover

  • ...

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