Mar 22, 2013

Best Tips on Conserving Your Battery on Smartphones

Like any other mobile gadgets there is in the market, your trusty smartphone suffers the same fate as all the other battery-powered technologies we have. The truth of the matter is it is no longer useful when its battery life goes down the drain. A few little gadget insights can do the trick and help you save your precious gadget’s battery life.The fundamental trick in saving up battery is basically to use your gadget only when you need to. Turn off apps and features that you don’t need. By lessening the use of your phone’s apps and features you lessen the power by which your handset consumes. Here are more specific gadget tricks in boosting your own gadget’s battery life.

Mar 21, 2013

Battery Statistic on Android-powered Device Report (update 21 March 2013)

Download Battery Stats Plus on . Latest battery reports
In this report, we show top 15 battery friendly devices and top 15 battery killer devices based on average battery lifetime, and distribution of battery lifetime  as well as top 15 battery killer applications. Data is reported by users using Battery Stats Plus over 477 Android-based models and 15381 battery statistic reports during last 4 months. A device may report more than once, but it should wait for at least one day for the next report. In this report, we aggregated only models which had at least 5 reports for top devices. The average battery lifetime is 20.9 hoursBefore purchasing a new Android device (or second hand device), this report may be helpful to select a correct  device.
Top 15 battery friendly devices. Statistic on 477 Android-powered devices and 15381 battery usage reports

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