Jan 15, 2013

Deep Sleep Battery Saver in action: Comparison

This is small comparison of a device that use/do not use Deep Sleep Battery Saver app. 

Jan 8, 2013

Battery Stats Plus is featured on "Android Apps" magazine

Battery Stats Plus is featured on "Android Apps" magazine, German edition and was benchmarked with 5 from 5 stars.

Deep Sleep Battery Saver - FAQ

  • Can I receive calls during deep sleep mode?
Yes, you can receive calls & texts during deep sleep mode on
  • What is the difference between "auto sync" and "trigger sync"
Auto-sync is an option to specify if a sync provider (Gmail, Facebook) will automatically sync whenever data source change or network is connected. "trigger sync" is an action to force sync provider to sync. In DSBS, if "trigger sync" is selected, it will force sync provider to sync immediately regardless to auto-sync events/cycle.

Jan 3, 2013

We recently received an email from an user about an another app named "" from publisher "Team Droid" that is apparently identical to . We took 30s to check it out and discovered that it is a hacked version of our Smart RAM Booster Pro. The publisher has just changed the package name (which is used as an identifier on as well as Android OS's package manager). They even haven't changed icon and graphical assets. They set price higher too. Immediately, we try to contact the publisher but no reply since last week.

Screenshot on Chrome from link 

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