Nov 29, 2012

Battery Statistic on Android-powered Device Report

A couple of weeks back, we released Battery Stats Plus on XDA Developer forums and received a lot of positive feedbacks. Today, we release "Battery Statistic on Android-powered Device Report" thank to our beloved users who help us to achieve our dream - making a most complete battery-related database for Android devices and applications. 
Enjoying advantages of Android smartphone including interactive games, cloud-based applications, many device owners scare of battery lifetime. It runs out rapidly after a couple of hours playing games. However, for some reason, no game is played and battery drains rapidly. It's properly because device's mal-configuration or background applications thank to Android parallelism.

In this report, we show top 15 battery friendly devices and top 15 battery killer devices based on average battery lifetime, and distribution of battery lifetime. Data is reported by users using Battery Stats Plus over 263 Android-based models and 1812 battery statistic reports during last three weeks. A device may report more than once, but it should wait for at least one day for the next report. In this report, we aggregated only models which had at least 3 reports for top devices. The average battery lifetime is 21.6 hours.

Top 15 battery friendly devices. Statistic on 263 Android-powered devices and 1812  battery usage reports

Nov 28, 2012

Use Wi-Fi instead of 3G to save Android battery life

If you have unlimited data over 3G so that cost is no option, which is more power efficient? Using the WiFi or 3G connection for data usage? Extending battery life being the goal (ignore LTE for now)

As Matthew Read mentions, the hardware, your location, and the other fiddly bits about actual communication are important to the discussion. But, you also need to consider what you're doing with the phone.

Are you retrieving largish amounts of data often? If so, Wifi may be less drain on the battery by letting you finish sooner - remember the screen drains power while you're waiting for 3G to finish what

Adjust Auto-Sync to save power juice

You can configure synchronization options for any of your apps. You can also configure what kinds of data you synchronize for each account. Some apps, such as Gmail and Facebook, Calendar, have separate synchronization settings that provide more fine-grained control. In such cases, the settings you select at the account level are still valid.

For some accounts, syncing is two-directional; changes that you make to the information on your device are made to the copy of that information on the web. Your Google Account works this way. Other accounts support only one-way sync: the information on your mobile device is read-only.

To view the Accounts & sync settings screen described here:
  1. From a Home or All Apps screen, touch the Settings icon .
  2. Under Personal, touch Accounts & sync.
Some apps also have their own settings related to syncing. For example, to control message syncing in the Gmail app, touch Menu icon> Label settings > Sync messages.

Turn down screen brightness to save battery power in Android

Today we’re going to take a look at how to adjust your screen’s brightness level. Adjusting your screen brightness is one of the most basic Android display settings you’ll find and allows you to compensate for the lack of or over abundance of, surrounding light. Most Android devices will already be set to automatically adjust your screen brightness depending on how much light your Android device’s light sensor detects, but since everyone is different, you may not want your have your brightness dimmed at a particular time, thus making it important to know how to manually adjust it.

Nov 26, 2012

Android Battery Saver Tips

Battery usage on all so called “smart phones” is almost universally woeful. Big high-res colour screens, fast processors, sound, wifi and 3g networking all consume gobs of battery power.

Here are some battery saving tips for Android phones. I’m going on a long flight in a few days time so I’ll be trying these tips out before I go!
  • Go into Settings->About phone->”Battery use” to see what’s chewing up your battery. You can use our app to detect battery draining apps as well as see detail battery statistics
  • Turn off haptic feedback. That’s vibration alerts when you press your screen. Turn off vibration as a notification too.

Nov 19, 2012

Beautiful Clock Widget - the first lock screen widget for Jelly Bean 4.2

A nice picture is worth more than thousand words. Free download from

Nov 16, 2012

Jelly Bean 4.2 Developer mode

By default, Jelly Bean 4.2 developer mode is hidden. To enable it, follow below steps
  1. As usual, goto Settings -> About Phone.
  2. Goto “Build Number” at the end of the Scroll list.
  3. Tap on “Build Number” for 7 times. While typing at the third times, you should see prompt message to indicate you that 4 more taps to go to developer options.
  4. Continue 4 more taps.
  5. You are now done and go back to the Setting page.
  6. You should see Developer Option appear on your setting list now.
With "Developer Option" appeared, you can enable the USB debugging mode for future flashing and development work.

Nov 11, 2012

How to root Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7

Here are the files that you need:

Be sure to install ADB on your computer first!

The commands:

Nov 8, 2012

Battery Stats Plus Beta-testing

We released today the beta-test version of Battery Stats Plus, a cloud-based battery analyzer to detect draining applications on Android phone.

The application collect and analyze battery usage per app basic on your Android devices. Usage attributes include CPU, CPU foreground, network, GPS, sensor, wake lock, and battery information. It also detects and notify apps that drain battery. Statistic data is optionally uploaded on our cloud and shared with other users.

You can download the APK file from Dropbox . Visit website to see online battery stats

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