Dec 31, 2012

App Tyrant - Change logs

App Tyrant - The best application manager for Android

v 2.9

  • Improved UIs

v 2.5

  • Fixed loading dialog hanging up
  • Fixed force closes when backup (on some devices)

v 2.4

  • Dropbox backup
  • Multiple sort type
  • Remove Admob

v 2.1

  • Add permission viewer
  • Add find backup files
  • Add find backup files

v 2.0

  • Fix bugs, improve UIs

v 1.82

  • Fix installer loading problem
  • Re-design installer: separate icons, group apk by name, support searchable

v 1.7

  • Better applist loader
  • Add ads supports and paid ad-free

v 1.6

  • Fix save apps error while filter by app name

v 1.3

  • Fix FC randomly when try to close app

v 1.2

  • Add store
  • Fix FC when delete a apk file

v 1.1

  • Fix saving forward lock app

v 1.0

  • First release

Battery Stats Plus - Change Logs

V 2.0

  • Redesign with Holo style
  • Added more misc data
  • Added screenshot button

V 1.6

  • Easy to screenshot
  • Improve stats navigation

V 1.5

  • Fixed minor bugs

V 1.4

  • Added full wake lock, window wake lock

V 1.3

  • Refined stats values

V 1.2

  • Added more attributes to stats (Android version, app version)

V 1.0

  • Added temperature display option (Celcius or Fahrenheit)
  • Support draining apps feature in Free version

V 0.92

  • Fixed force close when analyzing data

V 0.9

  • Released to Google Play

V 0.2

  • Released to XDA forum

Dec 30, 2012

Top 7 Ways to Improve your Android Battery Life

Battery life is unfortunately one of the things that hasn’t radically evolved along with the rest of smartphone technology. We are still limited in both capacity and space, and using the phone to its full potential will quickly deplete a full charge. Add to this the fact that the battery will also wear out by itself and hold less charge as time goes on, and you have a really bad combination on your hands. However, there’s always something you can do to improve battery life and squeeze some extra juice that just might make a difference, so if you’re struggling with battery life, maybe these tips will help you in the long run.
Deep Sleep Battery Saver can auto-manage most of below settings. 

1. Use Only 2G Networks

Dec 26, 2012

How to root Nexus 4

Unlocking The Bootloader And Obtaining Root

This part of the tutorial is geared towards Windows users. The MAC instructions are very similar, from what I understand. Install the package the same way. All ADB/Fastboot commands may need to start with "adb-mac" (no quotes) rather than "adb" (no quotes). Due to the vast amount of Linux distros available; instructions will vary for your device. OnceADB/Fastboot are set up all command will begin with "./adb" (no quotes) rather than "adb" (no quotes). Once ADB/Fastboot are set up; this guide is relevant to everyone.

Time required: 20-40 minutes.

Dec 18, 2012

Battery Statistic on Android-powered Device Report (update 18 December 2012)

Download Battery Stats Plus on . Latest battery reports
In this report, we show top 15 battery friendly devices and top 15 battery killer devices based on average battery lifetime, and distribution of battery lifetime  as well as top 15 battery killer applications. Data is reported by users using Battery Stats Plus over 474 Android-based models and 5585 battery statistic reports during last three weeks. A device may report more than once, but it should wait for at least one day for the next report. In this report, we aggregated only models which had at least 5 reports for top devices. The average battery lifetime is 20.4 hoursBefore purchasing a new Android devices (or second hand device), this report may be helpful to select a correct  device.

Top 15 battery friendly devices. Statistic on 474 Android-powered devices and 5585  battery usage reports

Dec 13, 2012

Deep Sleep Battery Saver Permissions

Control WiFI


Control System settings


Battery Saver Reviews

"Plenty of apps save your battery life, but this one takes the idea to a whole new level"
its creators want to think it is the most versatile battery preserving application out there 
For those of you who try everything they can to make those batteries last as long as possible

Deep Sleep Battery Saver Change logs

V 2.0

  • Fixed battery indicator when DSBS off
  • Fixed minor bugs

V 1.9

  • Changed User Present option to OFF as default
  • Added languages: Danish, Greek, Finnish, Urdu

V 1.81

  • Fixed minor bugs

 V 1.8

  • Fixed incoming call makes fail to rollback deep sleep mode

V 1.71

  • Fixed blank notification item
  • Externalize User Present option

V 1.7

  • Change default recharge option, now the device always wakes up if on recharge
  • Support to wake up only when screen unlocked
  • Added languages: Croatian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Swedish
  • More status bar icon set: Blue, Green (Pro)

V 1.6

  • Support Tasker/Locale plugin
  • Edit send log and write log to analysis log good
  • Support "Notification when battery low/full"
  • Added languages: Czech, Indonesian, Burmese, Slovenian

V 1.51

  • Fixed 3g does not toggle

V 1.5

  • Support deep sleep whitelist apps
  • Support force Airplane mode during night period
  • Support toggle WiMax/4G (experimental)
  • Support airplane mode for Android 4.2 with root (Android 2.1-4.1 does not require root)
  • Support until screen on option in deep sleep frequency

V 1.4

  • Fixed discharge/recharge options issue
  • Added 5s, 10s screen off delay
  • Support to hide icon notification on status bar (only Android 4.1+)
  • Added languages: עִבְרִית (Hebrew), magyar (Hungarian), 日本語 (Japanese), română(Romanian), Türkçe (Turkish), polski(Polish), slovenčina (Slovak), português (Brazil)

V 1.31

  • Fixed force close when clicks on widget
  • Fixed no action when clicks on notification
  • Fixed deep sleep when discharge/recharge options

V 1.3

  • Fixed notification icon bug
  • Support to change notification icon (PRO)
  • Support "screen on delay" feature (helpful if you phone is lagged when screens on or turn screen on to check time)
  • Added languages: العربية (Arabic), Italiano (Italian), 한국어 (Korean), norsk (Norwegian), русский (Russian), српски(Serbian)

V 1.2

  • Added languages: German, Portugese, Spanish, Catalan, Hongkong
  • Fixed bug on custom profile with GPS on

V 1.1

  • Notification bar enhancement

V 1.0

  • First released on Google Play with a lot of enhancements thanks your XDA-ers feedbacks

V 0.91

  • Refined required permissions

V 0.9

  • XDA-Beta test version

Dec 5, 2012

Deep Sleep Battery Saver

We release today a new app, Deepsleep Battery Saver in beta-test. Deepsleep battery saver constantly puts the device to deepsleep mode while screen off. During deepsleep mode on, Wifi, 3G are turned off, background apps are stopped. Therefore, most apps are not working, including Facebook, Google Service, etc,. By this way, the app can save battery alot of consumption.

By constantly put device into deepsleep mode, we will save battery life due to no Internet connection, and therefore most of network-based apps, such as Facebook, Gmail will not work.
Please checkout more detail full description of the app here and start discussion on XDA-developer forum thread.
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