Nov 24, 2011

Root Uninstaller - Tips

Important notes

☆ Make sure you app is granted by 
☆ If you CANN’T freeze/defrost, try to enable USB Debugging (HOME/Settings/Application/Development/USB Debugging)
☆ If you CANN’T restore backup app, try to “find apps on SD card” then long-press the app and select “install as system app”.
☆ This app uses on your SDCARD to store data
  1. “Application not licensed” popup when I opened the Pro version. I have already purchased it
    Please uninstall and reinstall the app from Market with the Gmail account you used to buy it.
  2. I can freeze, but can not defrost
    In some Samsung ROM, Samsung does not allow to defrost app. You should use “Defrost All” feature in order to defrost apps before Samsung rolling out a fix.
  3. Write to DB problem
    Please make sure that your SD card is inserted in your phone as well as does not mount to you computer.
  4. Where Root Uninstaller stores data
    RU stores data (backed up status, frozen status, application list,..) on your SDCard at /mnt/sdcard/RootUninstaller/ru.db. This database is shared between different versions. It’s also helpful if you want to migrate to a new phone or do a factory reset your phone.
  5. When i hit freeze, the wheel keeps spinning forever (Sadhu)
    Try to enable USB Debugging (check HOME/Settings/Application/Development/USB Debugging on)
  6. The app I want to freeze shows in red and I can’t use freeze/uninstall
    Could you try to check:
    - Is your phone rooted?
    - If yes, try to update SuperUser app,
    - Does SuperUser block this app from granting root access,
    - Try to enable USB Debugging (check HOME/Settings/Application/Development/USB Debugging on)
  7. I had installed the free version, but when I try to by the PRO versionm the Market shows: “This app incompatible with your
    Actual, Market filters automatically by Google. No different between free and pro in term of Market filter conditions. Could you try to fix it by:
    - Change Market’s content filter in Market/menu/Settings/Content Filtering/check all items
    - Clear Market cache/data: press HOME/menu/Settings/Applications/Manage Applications/All tab/Market/Clear Data (WARNING: your Market history will be also cleared.
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