Root Uninstaller

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Root Uninstaller is a power-user tool to manage (system and regular) applications on Android devices. It requires ROOT access to uninstall or backup or freeze system applications. If you don’t know how to root your device, visit “How do I root my phone?”

Uninstall bloatware

Phone manufacturers and operators tend to bundle your phone with a lot of application. Some are extremely important. Other are shit. You don’;t need it any more. Never use it! Let’s it go away from your phone. Forever! In one-click!

Bloat Freezer

Some applications are used occasionally. You don’t want it to run in background and drain your battery and Internet bandwidth as well. Freeze it and defrost when you uses it. Root Uninstaller comes with a nice feature that allows you to launch a frozen application and it automatically re-freeze once you close the selected application.

Backup & Restore

Back up is a safe way to play with system apps. Any mistake can be fixed with restore operation. Auto-backup makes it safer since you don’t care about backup. The app automatically backs up any installed app and future install apps as well. No root required for this feature.

Explore system data

Root Uninstaller is well integrated with a root explorer, named that helps you to browse system data folder. You can do cool things with this such as cheat a game.

Powerful APK Installer

Root Uninstaller indexes all your APK files in your phone and give you a quicker way to re-install app. Furthermore, it allows you to install an application as a system application.

Design for both Root and Non-root users

Root users can do most of cool things. Non-root users can back up/restore, auto-backup, batch uninstall.