Sectos - Photo & Video Vault

For a better privacy control, this app appears on your launcher as Sectos (SECret phoTOS)

Sectos is a handy app to keep your sensitive photos & videos in secret. We use high-secure algorithm and custom mechanism to protect photos.
It's well integrated with cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive comming soon) to backup secret photos forever.

How it works

Secret Photo uses a secret box that is hidden from Android OS. Only user using Secret Photo app with correct unlock code can access this box. Unlock code is encrypted in MD5 algorithm.
When a photo is selected to hide, it will be moved to this box and change the file so that no other app can recognize its as a photo.
You can use hidden photos as regular one: attach to email, share to Facebook, etc.

Hide photos

Two ways to hide a photo
  • Sharing photo from regular photo apps:
  • Inside Secret Photos: goto Public photo, click an hold on an album or photo to select, then click on hide  icon .

Unhide photos

To unhide, goto Secret photo, click an hold on an album or photo to select, then click on icon.

Unhide photos

Secret Photos provides a handy camera to capture photo that will hide immediately. You don't need to unlock app to use this camera.



  • Two unlock types: pattern (default) - gesture based unlocker and PIN - numeric based unlocker
  • To change unlock method, go to Settings> Privacy settings> Unlcok type.
  • To change unlock code, go to Settings> Privacy settings.

Forget my unlock code

Request unlock code from unlock screen. You should enter unlock code email (see Settings > Privacy settings) in order to receive unlock code

Photo storage, Backup & restore

All secret photos are stored in external memory (i.e. SD Card or external partition). Therefore, your photos can all recover even app is uninstalled and reinstalled


You can link Dropbox account to Secret Photos and to backup/restore
If auto backup is enabled, all new hidden photos will be automatically transfered to Dropbox

Uninstall app

App can be uninstalled as regular app. You should remember your unlock code since you will be requested in the next install

Re-install app

Since Sectos stores data on external memory, you can recover all hidden photos with your old unlock code. If you forgot it, just reset unlock code to create a new one.

Further help

Checkout our support forum to find a solution or start a new discussion.